Kawakawa Balm

Kawakawa Balm

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Kawakawa infused olive oil  with refined bees wax

  • Proven effective for all skin conditions, used for many years to heal skin ailments with natural anti inflammatory properties. 
  • Perfect for painful muscles, joint and bones.
  • Safe on babies
  • Amazing for massage

Proven effective for Excema, Dermatitis, Psoriasis, dry skin this has healed chronic excema with regular use, mixed with the magnesium bath salts infused with Kawakawa oil. 

  • Can be applied straight to skin as often as required, can be added to the bath etc.

The results from this oil have been overwhelming - perfect for babies heat rashes, teething rash, cradle cap, nappy rash.  Excellent for dads with Chaffing, Dry cracked hands, or dry skin.